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If you look inside a Brunswick table you’ll see innovation after innovation. Every extra step we take in the building process ensures we achieve superior accuracy and consistency in our tables, so that you can achieve superior accuracy and consistency in your game.

Our exclusive High Performance Nut Plate connects the cushioned rails to the slate. Unlike the more commonly used t-nut type hardware, this allows for the application of 70% more torque to each connection and ensures a solid, seamless transition between rail and slate for enhanced performance and playability.

Our Hardened Dome Washer provides constant tension between the rail and the slate to prevent loosening over time. This innovation ensures that the rail is gripped directly on the table, preventing it from turning or sinking into the wood which is a typical flaw found with other brands’ tables.

Brunswick SuperSpeed cushions have been the standard in the industry for over 70 years and are used on all Brunswick branded tables. They are made to Brunswick’s exact specifications from a proprietary rubber formulation resulting in more controlled ball penetration, greater accuracy in rebounding and an exceptionally consistent rail on every Brunswick table.

Precision is the name of the game and cushion rubber bonding and placement are a critical element to the overall performance of a table. Brunswick achieves superior accuracy and consistency in its tables by using Brunswick-designed, automated, pneumatically controlled machines that bond the cushion rubber to the rails for a precision fit that doesn’t vary.

Banking and rebound accuracy rely on the nose height of the table’s cushion rubber. Brunswick’s automated, pneumatically controlled machines precisely place the cushion rubber ensuring that the nose height is consistent all around the table and meets the standard of 64% of a 2 1/4" diameter ball.

Brunswick rails are made of solid hardwood. The rails are machined to exacting standards and provide a solid foundation behind the cushion rubber to ensure exceptional accuracy and performance.

Brunswick tables have details you just won’t find on other tables such as a recessed area machined into the rail where the rail cloth can be stapled securely many times over. We purposely recess the area so the staples or cloth do not interfere in any way with the rail attachment to the slate.

Brunswick uses fine furniture joinery techniques in the construction of all solid hardwood products. These joinery techniques such as panels glued together with alternating grain patterns, create a stronger, more stable furniture construction that will provide flawless performance year after year

Thick solid wood cross supports utilize dovetail joinery to connect the table frame at each slate joint. With this construction the cross supports become an integral part of the table frame and achieve superior performance by supporting the slate joints as if the slate was one piece.

Brunswick’s goal is to provide our customers with a product that will last a lifetime. All solid wood materials are kiln-dried to a 6-8% moisture level, then stained and sealed to keep moisture out. A multi step durable fine furniture finish completes the look of each Brunswick product, making it worthy of being passed on from generation to generation.

Brunswick slate must pass rigid quality requirements before it receives a “Brunswick Certified” sticker. Brunswick slate is diamond-honed and precision-machined and leveled to within ten thousandths of an inch. Brunswick slate is cured for an extended period of time to assure stability and is checked for flatness on the top and on the bottom at least four times through the machining and curing process to a standard twice exceeding BCA specifications on an end-to-end basis. Every set of Brunswick slate is quality inspected and certified and will provide a lifetime of playability.

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